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Rules of the game

Basic rules

  1. The target of the game is to play all 18 holes with the lowest possible amount of kicks.
  2. The players of a group kick alternatively. If a ball might disturb the ball trajectory of one of the following players, he might ask his opponent to remove the ball and mark the place. If a ball should hit another one, the hit one must be placed back in its original position.
  3. The maximum allowed amount of kicks equals 3 x Par (e.g. Par 3 = 9). If the ball did not reach the hole within the maximum allowed amount of kicks, the player gets automatically 3 x Par + 1.
    PARMax. kicks Penalty
  4. The playgrounds (holes) are restricted by
    1. Barriers (touch)
    2. Other holes (may touch but not stay on it).
  5. If the ball hits a barrier or stops onto another hole, the player gets a penalty point and brings the ball back to its previous position.
  6. While kicking the ball, one foot must touch the ground. It is forbidden to jump or clamp the ball.


  • The flags must not be removed from the holes.
  • Small groups should have the possibility to overtake.

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Basic information

The history of the FootballGolf in the Czech Republic has begun in fall 2013 when the Česká footgolfová a fotbalgolfová asociace z.s. - CFGA
was founded and became a member of the World Footballgolf Association

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