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List of registered players footballgolfu in CFGA

This page contains a list of members registered under CFGA. If you want to become a member of footballgolf association and have benefits, you have to registered using this form

Actual year: 2024

Player name Gender Country Membership  
Andělová Klára Woman Klatovy 0490 Details
Bače Václav Man Rumburk 0346 Details
Bártek Vojtěch Man Liberec 0362 Details
Baštař Pavel Man 0413 Details
Baštařová Abigail Woman Plánice 0457 Details
Baštařová Eliška Woman 0440 Details
Bauer Jan Man Pustověty 0311 Details
Beneš Ondřej Man Praha 0557 Details
Benešová Sofie Woman Klatovy 0544 Details
Berecz Milan Man Drahelčice 0433 Details
Bernasová Jana Woman Praha 6 0020 Details
Bican Tomáš Man Litomyšl 0167 Details
Böhm Petr Man Klatovy 0459 Details
Borka Lászlo Man 0483 Details
Brožek Patrik Man Česká Lípa 0365 Details
Bůžek Václav Man Klatovy 0579 Details
Cupák Tomáš Man Rumburk 0073 Details
Cupáková Sofie Woman Rumburk 0547 Details
Cvrček Milan Man Praha 0327 Details
Cyprián Tomáš Man Liberec 0437 Details
Count players with membership: 219
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The history of the FootballGolf in the Czech Republic has begun in fall 2013 when the Česká footgolfová a fotbalgolfová asociace z.s. - CFGA
was founded and became a member of the World Footballgolf Association

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